Gorbals Sound
Gorbals Sound is a world class professional recording studio complex located in Glasgow, Scotland.
Gorbals Sound - Unsigned Weekend Sessions - Gorbals Sound
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Gorbals Sound – Unsigned Weekend Sessions

Gorbals Sound – Unsigned Weekend Sessions


Has your band got 2 members between the age of 16-25 years old? (proof may be required)

Is your band unsigned to any record label or publishing company and has never released any records via a label?

Want to record in a top class studio?

These guys have:

  • The Ninth Wave
  • Sweaty Palms
  • Home$lice
  • Lylo
  • Peppermint Fiction
  • Vanilla
  • St Dukes

Read On!!


These sessions are for the purpose of demo recordings. If you require full production sessions please contact the studio for applicable rates, term & conditions

Sessions will entail –

  • Sessions will be for an 8hr session in Studio 2 for £130(incl of vat)   – overtime rate will apply after 8hrs
  • Recording will be of live takes with mixes of the tracks and 2 CD copies included: We recommend keeping the track amount to a minimum, Quality over Quantity!!
  • The session files can be transferred onto a hard drive (which you are welcome to bring with you) please remember that consolidating files and transfers is time consuming and will be included in the 8 hr session time, so please bear this in mind when arranging your sessions.
  • Sessions are Saturday & Sunday only and you can book as many sessions as you want!
  • The session engineers are engineers NOT producers.
  • Drum kit usage carries a £10+Vat surcharge 
  • Back-line usage available (subject to availability)  check website for current back line equipment.
  • Sessions are confirmed when full payment is made prior to session dates be good to hear from you….
  • Contact us via enquiries email address, please state demo sessions on email enquiries.
  • full t&c available on request.